Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a........ BABY!

Well, I had a fabulous trip to Brazil with the family but missed my hubby and little man immensely. It was great to come home. And wonderful coming to an office where it looked like everything was taken care of while I was gone. That saved me a TON of stress after being out for two weeks.
So, yesterday we went for my 16 week check up and ultrasound. I still haven't gained any additional weight but the baby is definitely growing. The doctor checked my stomach from the outside and thought this baby would be big too...great, I thought. Again, thank God for c-sections.
After the check up, I chugged water so I would have a full bladder for my 4 pm ultrasound. They needed to measure the length of my cervix due to a procedure I'd had done years prior. At this same EXACT date with Lawson's pregnancy, we had several pictures of him with his profile, him waving, and his "boy parts". In fact, the first scan was his "boy parts".
As we were waiting to go back to the ultrasound appt, my bladder was extremely full. I was contemplating going to the bathroom then drinking more water so that it would quit hurting. Just as I was about to get up to go to the bathroom, the ultrasound tech walked out and called my name. Saved by her! (kinda)
I told her I was about to float away and she said to give her 5 minutes then she would let me go to the bathroom. She turned on the machine and put warm gel all over my stomach. She asked if we wanted to know the sex if we were able to find out. We had been trying to decide whether we did or not, but in the end, decided we did want to know.
She first checked the length of my cervix then looked around a little. We saw the side of the baby's face as she was scanning but that was about it. She went to the private parts and said that she thought the baby was still too small to tell. She also said that it looked like the baby's leg was tucked under it's butt so we couldn't see. There was another shot where it looked like the legs were spread with nothing in between (girl). She said it looked like there was a dot but couldn't tell any percentage as to if it were a boy or a girl, continuously saying it was probably too early.
She again said it appeared that the baby was too little and then let me go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, we chatted some more and again she started to look. She left the room for a few minutes to see if she needed to do any more measurements. She came back and measured the bones/ head and then looked again for the "parts". Again, we didn't say anything, and again she said that she couldn't give us any clue as to if it were a boy or a girl. She said this baby is weighing 7 oz and is right on size wise for where we are in the pregnancy.
We left the appointment not knowing the sex. After we left, I checked my old emails from when I was pregnant with Lawson. We went to the doctor at the SAME time (repeat) and it was clear as day.... AND he too was 7 oz. Ugh! I just feel jipped.
Ryall thinks that since we didn't see anything that it's a girl. I'm not sure one way or another becuase of course he nor I have been to any of the schooling that she has.
Hopefully we'll be able to go see Sara in the next week or two and maybe she'll be able to see for us.
*crossing fingers*

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

So yesterday was a rough day brainwise for me. I went to see Eclipse the night before so I was already running on 3 hours of sleep. I curled up at lunch time on the floor of my office with my rain jacket as my cover and the bag as my pillow. Not so comfy at all, but I was able to get a much needed cat nap in.
After I woke up, I knew I needed to go to Home Depot to get a few keys made for my office. I went to McDonald's on the way there to grab a quick bite to eat on the way to Home Depot. I remember getting my wallet out of the side of my purse. 10 feet later, I pull up to the window to pay and my wallet is GONE. Seriously!?!
I embarassingly told the guy at the window that I couldn't find my wallet and had just had it. I park and rummage through the truck in hopes of finding it. I open all 4 doors, look front and back and it's no where to be seen.
At this point it's 115 or so and I'm starving and already not feeling well. Luckily, McDonald's isn't the most expensive of fast food establishments and I had $2 in my purse. I got another $1.20 from the change in the dash, walked inside and got my double cheeseburger meal. Phew! At least I was able to eat.
Still though, no wallet. I'm going to Brazil in a week, I have things to do, I need my wallet. The trip to Home Depot was out because they would want me to pay for the keys.
I go back to my office, still frantic as to what I've done with my wallet. I knew it had to be in the truck, but where? I sat at my desk for a few minutes before taking a trash bag to the truck in determination to clean out the mess in hopes of finding my wallet too.
Sure enough, there it was, between my seat and the console on the ground. How'd I miss it? No idea, I blame it on pregnancy brain.